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Monaghan, Ireland currently has more than 28,000 job vacancies, offering a plethora of opportunities for foreigners interested in working in the country. Monaghan is one of the 31 County and City Councils in Ireland, collectively overseeing a substantial sectoral revenue spend exceeding €4 billion and capital spend exceeding €2 billion annually.

Monaghan County Council is actively seeking individuals with leadership qualities and experience to serve as Senior Managers and Directors of Service within their organization.

Key Job Details:

  • Department: Senior Management
  • Office: Director of Service
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Employment Status: Permanent
  • Salary Range: €97,690 – €115,451
  • Application Period: Opened in March 2022
  • Application Status: In progress
  • Location: Monaghan County Council

Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for employment, you should possess the following attributes:

  • A career history that demonstrates senior-level leadership and management skills suitable for overseeing, developing, and motivating a large multidisciplinary team.
  • Experience in managing change within a complex and dynamic environment.
  • A significant track record of achieving tangible results.
  • Exceptional skills in stakeholder management, influencing, and communication.

Your Responsibilities: As an employee, your role will encompass the following responsibilities:

  • Providing reports to the Chief Executive.
  • Implementing policies effectively.
  • Ensuring efficient service delivery.
  • Managing and facilitating organizational change.

Benefits: Upon securing this employment opportunity, you will be entitled to a basic salary ranging from €97,690 to €115,451, among other benefits.

It’s essential to note that the recruitment campaign for this position is managed by the Ireland Public Appointments Service.

For further information regarding Ireland Government job opportunities for foreign applicants, please contact the recruitment agency via

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