Cyber Security Scholarships

Cyber Security Scholarships are actually referred to as funds that are been offered to lots of individuals who study cyber defense. Moreso, these scholarships are very helpful to applicants who have acquired them due to the fact that they don’t need to pay them back just like the way a loan operates.

Cyber Security Scholarships

Through Cyber Security Scholarships lots of students are given the opportunity to afford college as the cost of attendance is increasing every year. Meanwhile, there are several eligibility criteria that the applicant needs to meet when applying for this type of scholarship, information to provide and as you read on the scholarship will be stated and also more information.

Cyber Security Scholarships
Cyber Security Scholarships

Snort Scholarship:

For graduating high school seniors who want to pursue a degree in computer science, information technology, computer networking, cyber security, or a related field of study, the Snort Scholarship is available. A supplier of security software, Snort is a partner of Cisco, and its scholarship deadline is May, 15.

Boren Awards:

The Boren Awards encourage sustained exposure to language and culture. It offers financial aid to American students who are studying overseas. Also, those majoring in social sciences, language, and STEM subjects are given preference.

Going further, the provider’s website has a complete list of majors that are acceptable and the deadline is February 05.

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KnowBe4 Scholarship for Black Americans in Cybersecurity:

A male or female who is pursuing, or plans to pursue, a degree with an emphasis on cybersecurity or information assurance is eligible for the KnowBe4 Scholarship for Black Americans in Cybersecurity from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education.

ISC Undergraduate Scholarships:

High school seniors or undergraduate students from any nation who are pursuing (aspiring) or intend to pursue a degree with an emphasis on cybersecurity, information assurance, or a related subject are eligible for the (ISC) Undergraduate Scholarships. Meanwhile, the scholarship program tends to be very helpful, and its deadline is March 08.

(ISC)2 Graduate Scholarships:

You need to know that up to 20 scholarships between $1,000 to $5,000 are available from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to individuals seeking or intending to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree with a specialization in cybersecurity or information assurance. However, the deadline for this scholarship award offer is March 08 and definitely offers 20 awards of about $100000.

Malwarebytes $100,000 Scholarship:

The $100,000 Malwarebytes Scholarship is open to college or graduate students who are seeking careers in cybersecurity. Moreover, the application and essay must be submitted via the provider’s website and also the deadline is July 01.

CrowdStrike NextGen Scholarship Program:

A male or female who is pursuing, or plans to pursue, a degree with an emphasis on cybersecurity or information assurance is eligible for the KnowBe4 Scholarship for Black Americans in Cybersecurity from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Meanwhile, the deadline is around April 19, and also offers one award which its total is around $13000.

Women In Cybersecurity $5,000 Scholarship:

You should know that women who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in cybersecurity or a related technological field are eligible for the Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship, which is offered by ESET. Moreso, candidates must have a 3.0 GPA or above and be enrolled in or accepted into a recognized undergraduate or graduate program in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the article will be providing some of the questions that are frequently asked about Cyber Security Scholarships for you to have more enlightenment.

What is the required GPA for cyber security?

Many schools require a minimum 3.0 GPA for admission into a cybersecurity master’s program. Moreover, this requirement varies between schools, and some institutions set minimum overall GPA requirements, but others only look at applicants’ grades in computer science courses.

Is cyber security hard in college?

No, cybersecurity is not hard aside from the fact that there may be difficult concepts like cryptography or area that require more technical knowledge, cybersecurity is one of the few fields in the tech world that does not require a technical background.

Where can I study cyber security for free?

The National Cyber Security Centre is actually offering some basic free Cyber Security Training. Moreso, it is a free resource provided by an independent organization that’s sole aim is to assist in preventing cyber security incidents and it is also regarded as an amazing way to begin your cyber training program.

How can I get cyber security for free?

Below are the 5 best free courses to learn Cyber Security in 2023.

  • Cyber Security Course for Beginners.
  • Introduction to Cyber Attacks (Coursera Free Course for Audit).
  • Staying Safe Online (Udemy Free Course).
  • The Information Security Big Picture (Pluralsight free trial).
  • Cyber Security (Free Udemy Course).

How to get a full scholarship?

Below are some tips that you need to follow to get a full scholarship.

  • Know where to look.
  • Prepare in advance.
  • Work hard and keep motivated.
  • Make yourself stand out from other applicants.
  • Read the application instructions carefully.
  • Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter.
  • Be realistic.

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